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Wasatch Angling, The Company

We are a small family owned business located in Oregon City, Oregon. The company was founded in 1994 with five basic tools and our products have grown to include over 100 custom tools and gift sets related to the hobby of fly tying. Our products are carried by over 600 fly shops in the USA and several national and international catalogs. Also we sell in Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and Australia through a network of distributors in those areas.


Our Guarantee:

We unconditionally guarantee our products for your lifetime. If you have a problem with a Wasatch tool, just return it to our factory in Albany, Oregon, and we will replace it, no questions asked. Return Policy


Country of Origin:

Wasatch tools are manufactured in the United States. Most of the parts are fabricated in Phylomath, Oregon and assembled in Oregon City, Oregon. Each tool is inspected by the owner before shipment! Approximately 11% of the parts used in our tools come from other countries, including England, France, Germany, India, and Pakistan.


The Wood:

Cocobolo wood comes from Central American rainforests and is considered endangered. We use a cocobolo substitute in order to not further threaten this species. Our wood is American birch that has been dyed, stabilized and compressed to make it about twice as dense as normal. This process provides a material that can't be distinguished from the endangered variety, but won't darken with age and is very very strong.


The Art:

Our gift boxes are embossed with fly fishing art provided by Fly Girls, a Michigan based fly fishing club. This unusual art depicts the life cycle of mayflies. Royalties paid to the club are used for a variety of conservation and education programs. We can also apply art or logos provided by the customer.


How to Purchase:

We feel that it is very important to the future of fly fishing that you support your local dealer. Dealers provide fly tying and fishing instruction and are the life blood that will enable our sport to grow. If you do not have a dealer near you that sells our products, please contact us and we will see that you receive the product support that you deserve.


The Award:

We were thrilled to win the 2006 Lee Wulff Award from the Federation of Fly Fishers. This world wide award is given to the one company each year that has contributed the most to our sport. Past winners include Orvis, 3M, Patagonia and other biggys!