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Dan Kellogg



My passion for fly fishing is related to most of my other hobbies, boating, hiking, birding, and most important, fly tying. Once the kids left the nest I was determined to keep that promise to myself about learning to tie, not to save money on flies but just to create an imitation that could fool and catch fish. The creativity has turned into the artistic phase. The bug caught me, all you tiers know what I mean. The book shelves are packed with old and new, feathers and fur overflowing into the garage. Heck, the accumulation of materials could be considered a hobby by itself. I am a member of the IFFF and their Tyers Group. I look forward to tying each year at the Oregon Council Expo and several other Northwest tying and fishing shows. Locally, I am a member of the Rogue Fly Fishers, teach their annual tying classes, write a tying column in the monthly newsletter, and demo before each monthly meeting. A local high school has a fly fishing class which gives me the opportunity to volunteer to teach and encourage young teens to get started. I also head up an unofficial tying club called Southern Oregon Fly Tiers, SOFT for short. Once a month we invite a guest tier to demo a timely pattern in a “tie along” format. We never stop learning and always have a great time. Once a week I meet with a group of my closest tying friends, The Seniors Tying Guild, to share the art with those who understand most. I have two grown children, two grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and a tying area all to myself. Life would be perfect if someone would just explain to me why I never have enough material.