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Dave Roberts

The real name is David Roberts, I am a bamboo addict and a fly tying nut. I have been tying for over 50+ years, and when I heard and older tyer at the Fly tyers Expo in Eugene OR, (he had to be old if I thought he was) tell a young gal when she said she was a beginner tyer, he told her "we are all beginners, just some of us have been beginners longer" I took it to heart. It has and will be a life long learning process. I am a fly fishing guide in S. Oregon, but will not be using this board to drum up business. I am old enough now that I guide when I want to and fish the rest of the time. I teach fly tying at my home, where we built a very large tying room, where I can keep my mess out of the house. There is a tying jam with some other old f@%ts every Wed. morning and more coffee and BS being done that flys tyed. One of those guys brought in a copy of Hatches and I got the first two copy's as soon as I could. Now I have to just buy copy's until Christmas because My wife told me I couldn't order because my 2 grand kid's (daughter) is getting it for me. Anyway I am a member of FFF, So. Oregon Fly Tyers (SOFT) which describes most of us.