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How to use a Hopper Leg Tool

Step 1


Step: 1 To make the legs, mount a pheasant tail feather in the jaws of your vise as shown here.




Step 2


Step: 2 Pull about a dozen fibers out from the center quill and lay the knot tying tool over the top of the fibers from

the backside. Look closely at the photo here, it's not very intuitive to do this, LOL!




Step 3


Step: 3 Twist the tool and bend the feather fibers so they are bent around the shaft of the tool.




Step 4


Step: 4 Twist the tip of the tool up to catch the tips of the fibers in the closing loop of the tool.




Step 5


Step: 5 Draw the tool out to the right to pull the fibers through the loop forming an overhand knot. Pull the tips of the

fibers with your fingertips to tighten the knot down.




Step 6


Step: 6 Peel this leg from the stem and put a light coat of Vinyl Cement along the lower portion, from the knot to the tip.

Tie several of the legs at a time to speed up the process. Tie several from the right side of the feather, then turn the feather

in the vise and tie several from the other side.