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Jerry Criss


I am a retired “Steamfitter” and “Stationary Building Engineer”. I spent 34 years in the trades in Northern California, before retiring to Central Oregon in “2004”. I have fished all my life and in the mid 80’s took up the sport of fly fishing. Around the mid 90’s I started to do demo tying at various Conclaves, Fly Fishing Shows and fly fishing shops in the Western States. I frame and plate my own work as the work of others in the craft and most of that work goes into the conclave fund raising auctions. I have tyed in contest internationally and have at times been the highest scoring American.

In the summer of “2000” the late Andre’ Puyan’s became my first and only full time teacher. Through his great patience, guidance and humor he lead me to become the tyer I am today. Andre’ was a master and great teacher of the sport and I guess he brought out the master in me, because in “2009” I was humbled by being presented: the Stan Walters Memorial “2009” Fly Tyer of the Year, from the Oregon Council, Federation of Fly Fishers. It is a great honor to by put in the class of the past recipients of this great award. It is my hope as was Andre’s that through staying engaged in teaching and giving back to this great sport, others will continue to make it a great sport for anyone, no matter what age you start.

I now concentrate on all faucets of the sport teaching marco-invertabrates, angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying through the many programs here in the Central Oregon and the Western U.S. I still do as many Fly Fishing Shows and Conclaves as time will allow.

I teach adults and children and believe that without the continued participation of the great tyers throughout the world that the craft could be lost. It is my hope that by becoming engaged with the Fly Tying Group of the Federation of Fly Fishers Board of Governors that my experience will provide another experienced tyer and teacher to the great list that already exists. For me it will be another way to repay Andre’ for what he gave me, the chance to become even better than what I dreamed of many years ago.