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Linda Bachard

Linda Bachard

My journey into the wild and wonderful world of fly tying began. I jumped right into tying salmon flies, choosing patterns that taught me new techniques and challenged my skills, all so I too, could begin to tie those beautiful and complicated flies. I joined NWASFG here in the Seattle area and it became one of the highlights of each month. I've always been a creative person - I am a graphic designer and enjoy working with colors, textures, detail and the selection of materials. I sketch out every fly in detail and to the size of the hook I will be using - it helps me pay attention to proportion and how each piece will be shaped or curved. As I began to settle into tying, it is the Atlantic Salmon Fly that intrigues me and holds my fascination. I tie many Classics and appreciate their beauty, balance and proportion, but also enjoy spreading my wings into the Creative Salmon Fly arena where I can experiment with some of the more exotic feathers. My club members presented me with the 2015 "Most Improved Fly Dresser Award", a beautiful framed plate of Blacker Ghost Fly #2's, tied by club members. It was an honor and wonderful highlight of my first year of tying. I envision myself savoring my fly tying, the ongoing treasure hunt for materials and the great friendships that go along with it for many years to come. I can't wait for the club to start up again in the fall, for all the flies yet to be tied and for all the events and shows yet to unfold.