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Mikko Stenberg

Mikko Stenberg

I was born in 1976 in a little town called Karkkila in Finland. There is a small river system flowing through the town so it was a good place to start fly fishing as a teenager in 1990. On the previous winter I started also fly tying. I feel that they go hand in hand and to become a great fly tyer one needs to be a sufficient fly fisher as well.

A few years after in 1993 I tyed my first classic flies for the Atlantic salmon. A little later I did my first trips after the salmon in Finland and some 5 years later to Norway to fish the Atlantic run salmon. For several years now the Atlantic salmon has been my true passion and I spent most of my days at the waters after this beautiful species.

As a fly tyer I like challenges. I like to tye different types of flies from large saltwater monsters to tiny flies, from modern to classic flies to learn new methods. Fly tying competitions are in my opinion great ways to learn more about fly tying as they push your skills to the limit. I have attended a good few and made well in some of them. I have managed to win two golds and silvers in the FQSA competition 2001-2003, was the overall winner of the Irish Open in 2006, won the best in show price at the GFF competition in 2001 and the FF&FT magazines masters fly tying league in 03-04 as well as two national Finnish championships in 2009. The national championship is a live against time sort of competition and a real challenge for a fly tyer.

My true passion as a fly tyer are the classic salmon flies. I have been tying them for my pleasure around 20 years now. I enjoy freestyle tying especially to challenge ones skills to create complicated and difficult structures in flies. However even more than that I enjoy trying to tye flies the way they were tyed during the 19th century. I also try to fish classic flies besides modern flies to understand how they should be tyed to function the best.

For a few years I’ve been into tying flies in hand without a vice. I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time.