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Pro Staff

Mike RadencichDescription
Mike Radencich

I began tying Classic Atlantic salmon flies actively in 1990 after I spent two days, one-on-one, learning from a master of the classics, Ron Alcott. But I was smitten with them long before... More


Dave RobertsDescription
Dave Roberts

I am a bamboo addict and a fly tying nut. I have been tying for over 50+ years, and when I heard and older tyer at the Fly tyers Expo in Eugene OR, (he had to be old if I thought he was) tell a young gal when she said she was a beginner tyer, he told her "we are all beginners, just some of us have been beginners longer" I took it to heart. ... More


Jerry CrissDescription
Jerry Criss

I teach tying, using the classic techniques that made the craft. In 2009 I was named "ORCFFF Fly Tier of Year" for my teaching and dedication to the craft. I have received numerous awards for my ability to be creative, and forward thinking, but never forgetting those who have tied before.. More


Karen RoyerDescription
Karen Royer

I have been tying for over 15 years. I am a member of the Washington FFF, the Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Club, and am active with the local FFF Youth Camp, Healing Waters Program, and Casting for Recovery Retreats. I am featured in the Steve Thornton series, "100 Top Tiers of The World" Volume 4. More


Kuni MasudaDescription
Kuni Masuda

Kuni Masuda has 34 years of fly fishing experience and a member of World Fly Fishing of Japan, IFFF and Clark-Skamania Flyfishers in Vancouver, Washington. ... More


Vicki Eagle ElkDescription
Vicki Eagle Elk

I am lucky to have married a fly fisherman. He got me started fly fishing and was smart enough to suggest I needed casting lessons from the local fly shop... More


Vytas MarkeviciusDescription
Vytas Markevicius

I couldn’t resist to the beauty of classic and artistic salmon flies … Since my first classic fly I felt such a passion for them... More


Chris ReevesDescription
Chris Reeves

I started tying my own flies some 20 years ago. I was self taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction and how scarce it was so became an Instructor under the S and TA STANIC banner, later becoming part of GAIA. Since then I have taught privately and also in Adult education at my local college... More


Mikko StenbergDescription

I was born in 1976 in a little town called Karkkila in Finland. There is a small river system flowing through the town so it was a good place to start fly fishing as a teenager in 1990. On the previous winter I started also fly tying. I feel that they go hand in hand and to become a great fly tyer one needs to be a sufficient fly fisher as well.... More


Paul StimpsonDescription
Paul Stimpson

Paul Stimpson is a commercial tier from Ogden, Utah. He ties for Arrick’s Fly shop in West Yellowstone, Montana.... More


Linda BachandDescription
Linda Bachand

In 2014 at the first ASFI show, I had the good fortune to begin to know many international tyers. One of the tyers that particularly caught my attention was Paul Rossman - his style and creativity motivated me to decide to start tying salmon flies two weeks later... More


Jim FergusonDescription
Jim Ferguson

My love affair with fly tying has its roots in my youth. I was introduced to fly fishing when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My grandfather gave me a bamboo fly rod during the summer of my 14 year. A friend gave me a Thompson vise and after many observations of Audrey Joy tying in the sporting goods section of Meier & Frank Department store in Portland, OR, I started to tie my own flies. More

Jay WoodburyDescription
Jay Woodbury

I As an avid fly tyer I attend numerous fly tying events across the Pacific Northwest. I have presented live demonstrations at major shows, including the IFFF Conclave and the Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Show... More


Sean DahlquistDescription

I reside on Washington's Olympic Peninsula with my wife and two beautiful children. Living here has allowed for me to experience some great fishing, and also happens to be the area in which my favorite fly patterns originated, those of Syd Glasso.... More


Misako IshimuraDescription
Misako Ishimura

In 1990, on small stream in Vermont, Misako caught so beautiful native brook trout with her fly rod that she fell in love with fly fishing. Since that time she has devoted the majority of her time and talents to the study and promotion of this pursuit... More


Rockwell HammondDescription
Rockwell Hammond

Rocky has won several international tying contests by applying his creative and artistic skills in the construction of both classic and free-style Atlantic salmon patterns. Constructing the classics fuels his passion to design elegant and fishable steelhead patterns.More


Dean ChildsDescription
Dean Childs

I started Wasatch Custom Angling Products in 1995 designing and developing a line of very high end fly tying tools. The company was very successful and when I sold it and retired in 2009 we were producing and shipping 10,000 tools a year to a world wide market.... More


Judy GrahamDescription
Judy Graham

Judy started fly fishing over 20 years ago, and when she’s not fishing for searun cutthroats in South Puget Sound, or fishing the Yakima River she’s teaching the sport. In 2006 she became an FFF Certified Casting Instructor ... More


Dan KelloggDescription
Dan kellogg

My passion for fly fishing is related to most of my other hobbies, boating, hiking, birding, and most important, fly tying. Once the kids left the nest I was determined to keep that promise to myself about learning to tie, not to save money on flies but just to create an imitation that could fool and catch fish. The creativity has turned into the artistic phase ... More