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  1. Hackle Pliers, Revolving

    Hackle Pliers, Revolving

    These hackle pliers rotate on the handle providing even tension and a clear line of sight.
  2. 20

    Revolution Weighted Hackle Pliers

    Designed for use with the new rotary vise in mind. The weighted plier will provide just the right tension to wrap hackle while rotating the vise.
  3. Test Clip Hackle Pliers, Short

    Test Clip Hackle Pliers, Short

    Long favored clip pliers by tyers like Jack Gartside and Craig Mathews, these are an updated version of the old design. Has a wood insert and are reworked to hold hackle tight.
  4. Test Clip Hackle Pliers, Long

    Test Clip Hackle Pliers, Long

    These make perfect hackle pliers when working with delicate soft hackle feathers, especially on little English/Wet fles.
  5. Cement Applicator

    Cement Applicator

    This tool holds a drop of head cement so that it can be applied in a perfectly smooth, predictable fashion.
  6. Bullet Head Tool, Small

    Bullet Head Tool, Small

    These cocobolo wood and gold tools make it easy to tie small bullet heads.
  7. Thread Splitter Bodkin

    Thread Splitter Bodkin

    Short stiff, very sharp needle is perfect for splitting thread to facilitate very fine dubbed bodies.
  8. Fly Tyer's Tweezer

    Fly Tyer's Tweezer

    A good pair of tweezers are an invaluable fly tying tool for exact placement or repositioning of materials and glue-on eyes, picking out fibers or other small scale work, especially on small patterns.
  9. Bullet Head/Half Hitch Set

    Bullet Head/Half Hitch Set

    These cocobolo wood and gold tools make it easy to tie different sizes of bullet heads.
  10. Hopper Leg Tool, Small

    Hopper Leg Tool, Small

    Our hopper leg knot tying tool is designed specifically to tie knotted legs in hopper and cricket fly tying patterns. Click here for instructions

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