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  1. LaFontaine Originals

    LaFontaine Originals, 7-volume set

    Gary LaFontaine was a giant of the fly fishing world. Sadly, he passed away of Lou Gehrig’s disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis aka ALS), in 2002 at the very young age of fifty-six. He left a rich trove of trout lore, adept observations on the cold water condition and a great influence on the trout fishing world. Perhaps his best known work is “Caddisflies” a 1981 opus that forever changed the way trout anglers think about aquatic insects. His name appears on more than three dozen other books and a nearly countless array of well-written and important articles.
  2. How to use Wasatch Tools

    How to use Wasatch Tools

    Learn how to use basic fly tying tools with Paul Stimpson
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