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  1. Custom Vice Knob 1/4=28 Thread

    Custom Vice Knob 1/4=28 Thread

    Custom Vice Knob 1/4=28 Thread
  2. Gallows Attachment for Model J Vise

    Gallows Attachment for Model J Vise

    The Gallows attachment is used for tying Para loop Fly's. The attachment fully rotates with the head so no rotational features are lost when in use. The design enables the Para loop hackle to be temporarily pulled back out of the way while thorax material is added.
  3. Wood Vise Base 2

    Wood Vise Base

    Turns any vise into a pedestal vise while giving the tyer a multifunctional base. A front left hole accepts any standard 3/8" vise shaft. very compact, yet loaded with features, the Pedestal Base is perfect for the person just starting out or as a travel bench. 12" x 6" x 2" (Tools and hook cups not included)
  4. Streamer Attachment for Model J Vise

    Streamer Attachment for Model J Vise

    This attachment is specialized material holder. Holds extra materials and long materials. Use for making long wings or placing a wing in the correct position. Acts as a third hand to hold materials in place while you add additional materials.
  5. Jaws

    HMH Jaws

    Jaws are arguably the most important part of a vise. Our jaws are through-hardened tool steel so they will hold hooks rock solid for years and years. The shape and profile of all three jaw styles are carefully designed to optimize access to any hook design for effortless tying. All jaws are guaranteed for life. • Through-hardened chrome-moly tool steel • Designed for best access to any hook • Change jaws without tools in seconds • 30+ years of proven dependability • Guaranteed for Life
  6. Cast Brass Base

    Sculpted Cast Brass Base

    This work of art is solid brass, hand cast and hand polished. The brass base is a special order item and is subject to availability. It has same footprint as our cast iron base. Approximately 4 pounds. Kit includes base, 6" standard, cap screw and wrench, pouch.
  7. C-Clamp

    C - Clamp Kit

    HMH Powder Coated Aluminum C-Clamp. Kit includes clamp, all knobs, 9" standrod, pouch.
  8. Bobbin Rest

    Bobbin Rest

    Machined delrin support body and thread support. Machined brassfittings. Stainless rod is 9" long with 4" upright. Adjustable in three directions.
  9. LED Tying Lamp

    LED Tying Lamp

    - The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy, stays cooler and lasts 20 times longer than HID lamps. - Easily adjustable arm allows you to direct the light where you want it. Height: 24" Base diameter: 5" Cord Length: 6' 7" 120V / 3.0 Watts (Optional Battery Pack available)
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