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Vytas Markevicius


My name is Vytas Markevicius , and I was born in Lithuania. My brightest memory from childhood is my first fish caught then I was only 2 years old. My father was mad about fishing… He showed me how to love and how to respect nature, how to enjoy all the beauty around us. Unfortunately he passed away then I was 16 years old… I promised myself never forget what was important to him and to continue to be the man he wanted me to be. And I’m keeping this promise.


In 2006 love made me immigrate to Ireland and since then I live in county Limerick. Since I tried fly fishing and forgot about another ways of fishing and even hunting. I never felt that I’m a good fly tier, but temptation was to big – I couldn’t resist to the beauty of classic and artistic salmon flies … Since my first classic fly I felt such a passion for them, such an attraction and respect . I’m glad I can be a part of it and will continue that legacy."