Mike Radencich

Mike Radencic

I began tying Classic Atlantic salmon flies actively in 1990 after I spent two days, one-on-one, learning from a master of the classics, Ron Alcott. But I was smitten with them long before, even as far back as my late teens when, as a student at the University of Kansas, I took up trout fly tying and fishing. Around that time I purchased Herter's book on fly tying which included a chapter toward the back of the book about Classic Salmon flies. Even though I didn't actually try tying one until many years later, the seed had been planted. I began working on my first book, Tying the Classic Salmon Fly, in 1991 and it was published by Stackpole Books in 1997. I truly thought it would be my only book on the subject until a rather persistent friend (you know who you are!) egged me on to do a companion book about the materials used in the classics. It came out in December of 2006. Based on the success of the previous two books, Twenty Salmon Flies was born in January of 2010.

Dave Roberts

The real name is David Roberts, I am a bamboo addict and a fly tying nut. I have been tying for over 50+ years, and when I heard and older tyer at the Fly tyers Expo in Eugene OR, (he had to be old if I thought he was) tell a young gal when she said she was a beginner tyer, he told her "we are all beginners, just some of us have been beginners longer" I took it to heart. It has and will be a life long learning process. I am a fly fishing guide in S. Oregon, but will not be using this board to drum up business. I am old enough now that I guide when I want to and fish the rest of the time. I teach fly tying at my home, where we built a very large tying room, where I can keep my mess out of the house. There is a tying jam with some other old f@%ts every Wed. morning and more coffee and BS being done that flys tyed. One of those guys brought in a copy of Hatches and I got the first two copy's as soon as I could. Now I have to just buy copy's until Christmas because My wife told me I couldn't order because my 2 grand kid's (daughter) is getting it for me. Anyway I am a member of FFF, So. Oregon Fly Tyers (SOFT) which describes most of us.

Jerry Criss

I am a retired “Steamfitter” and “Stationary Building Engineer”. I spent 34 years in the trades in Northern California, before retiring to Central Oregon in “2004”. I have fished all my life and in the mid 80’s took up the sport of fly fishing. Around the mid 90’s I started to do demo tying at various Conclaves, Fly Fishing Shows and fly fishing shops in the Western States. I frame and plate my own work as the work of others in the craft and most of that work goes into the conclave fund raising auctions. I have tyed in contest internationally and have at times been the highest scoring American

In the summer of “2000” the late Andre’ Puyan’s became my first and only full time teacher. Through his great patience, guidance and humor he lead me to become the tyer I am today. Andre’ was a master and great teacher of the sport and I guess he brought out the master in me, because in “2009” I was humbled by being presented: the Stan Walters Memorial “2009” Fly Tyer of the Year, from the Oregon Council, Federation of Fly Fishers. It is a great honor to by put in the class of the past recipients of this great award. It is my hope as was Andre’s that through staying engaged in teaching and giving back to this great sport, others will continue to make it a great sport for anyone, no matter what age you start.

I now concentrate on all faucets of the sport teaching marco-invertabrates, angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying through the many programs here in the Central Oregon and the Western U.S. I still do as many Fly Fishing Shows and Conclaves as time will allow. I teach adults and children and believe that without the continued participation of the great tyers throughout the world that the craft could be lost. It is my hope that by becoming engaged with the Fly Tying Group of the Federation of Fly Fishers Board of Governors that my experience will provide another experienced tyer and teacher to the great list that already exists. For me it will be another way to repay Andre’ for what he gave me, the chance to become even better than what I dreamed of many years ago.

Karen Royer

I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and currently reside in Lacey Washington. My family’s farm lies along the banks of the Wishkah River in Grays Harbor County. I spent many after chore hours on its muddy banks plunkin’ with worms! I have been tying for 16 years. I began with traditional flies then dabbled in the Atlantic Salmon fly patterns for a while. For the past 5 years I have found that creating my own fishable realistic patterns, using all natural materials, is what I enjoy the most. My childhood laid the foundation for a lifelong love of the outdoors. I hope, by demonstrating the art, I will encourage people of all ages to go out and give fly fishing and fly tying a try!

Kuni Masuda

Kuni Masuda has 34 years of fly fishing experience and a member of World Fly Fishing of Japan, IFFF and Clark-Skamania Flyfishers in Vancouver, Washington. Kuni Masuda has been invited to participate in the 2012 World Fly Fishing Championship in Slovenia in June 2012. He was invited to competed as a member of Team Japan and manager of the team. He is also invited back to WFFC in Norway in August 2013 as a participant and manager.

He joined the finest hand-crafted and high perfomance rod maker, CF Burkheimer as a pro-staff since 2011. http://cfbflyrods.com/staff/kuni-masuda/. Currently he is a member of the International Federation of Fly Fishing club and Fly Fishing Museum steering committee as well as a demo tyer. Beside he is a vice president of Clark-Skamania Fly Fishers in the State of Washington. He got involved and committed to the education, conservation promotion of flyfishing as a method of angling and, through it, an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of nature.

He has been invited to tie his flies at the Northwest Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo, Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous, FFF Washington Fly Fishing Fair and the FFF International Fly Fishing Fair. He has been invited the American Cup.

Over the years he’s fished in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico, as well as widely in the northwestern U. S. Befitting a man of all this experience, He has been very generous in giving time and attention to CSF. His many contributions have included serving as facilitator for the CSF Fly Tyer’s Night, serving on the Board as Membership Chairman, Outing Chairman and a Director At Large.

Vicki Eagle-Elk

I am lucky to have married a fly fisherman. He got me started fly fishing and was smart enough to suggest I needed casting lessons from the local fly shop. Smart man! Then about a year later I told him I wanted to learn to tie flies. He sat me down and showed me what to do, then I sat down, started putting thread on the hook and He said “see you later”.

Well, I managed more or less to tie my first Wooly Bugger…When he got back about an hour later, he helped me whip finish it. That was in 2001, I’ve been tying ever since. Now I tie a wide variety of flies. In 2008 I was asked to start tying at a few of the fly fishing shows. I was rather nervous about doing the shows, but it has turned out to be a lot of fun and a great experience! This year I was asked to join the Wasatch Pro Staff. What a shock! Since I own one of their vises and several of their tools and know first hand how well thought out and well made they are, I said Yes!

I hope to see you at one of the shows some time. Please stop by and visit.!

Vytas Markevicius

My name is Vytas Markevicius , and I was born in Lithuania. My brightest memory from childhood is my first fish caught then I was only 2 years old. My father was mad about fishing. He showed me how to love and how to respect nature, how to enjoy all the beauty around us. Unfortunately he passed away then I was 16 years old. I promised myself never forget what was important to him and to continue to be the man he wanted me to be. And I’m keeping this promise.

In 2006 love made me immigrate to Ireland and since then I live in county Limerick. Since I tried fly fishing and forgot about another ways of fishing and even hunting. I never felt that I’m a good fly tier, but temptation was too big – I couldn’t resist to the beauty of classic and artistic salmon flies. Since my first classic fly I felt such a passion for them, such an attraction and respect. I’m glad I can be a part of it and will continue that legacy.

Chris Reeves

I have been a fisherman all my life and a fly angler for nearly 25 years. I began fly fishing at Barn Elms reservoir in West London and progressed via small stillwaters to the large reservoirs, becoming a successful competition angler. I then moved on to the challenge of chalkstreams before fishing further afield in many “destination fisheries” including Alaska, Chile, Argentina, California, The Bahamas and Florida. I fish for trout at least twice a week in the season and also hunt Pike on the local stretches of the River Thames. I started tying my own flies some 20 years ago. I was self taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction and how scarce it was so became an Instructor under the S and TA STANIC banner, later becoming part of GAIA. Since then I have taught privately and also in Adult education at my local college. My favourite flies are Chalkstream dries and Irish Loch flies but I love tying all styles and regularly tie Saltwater, Salmon and Pike flies too. I am Secretary of the Fly Dressers Guild and chairman of the Surrey branch. I have been a Whiting Pro team tier since 2005, I am also proud to be a member of the Partridge Pro team and involved maintaining the traditions of this company. I regularly demonstrate fly tying at shows in the UK and abroad last year tied at 11 shoes in Europe and the United States. I enjoy the Burton show as it not really about commerce, its more about people, fly tying and fun, all done while raising money for good causes. I am looking forwards to helping out any tier who has a problem with any aspect of their tying. Feel free to ask any questions, there are no silly questions and I’ll try not to give any silly answers, If I don’t know how to solve your problem, I bet I know someone who can.

Mikko Stenberg

I was born in 1976 in a little town called Karkkila in Finland. There is a small river system flowing through the town so it was a good place to start fly fishing as a teenager in 1990. On the previous winter I started also fly tying. I feel that they go hand in hand and to become a great fly tyer one needs to be a sufficient fly fisher as well. A few years after in 1993 I tyed my first classic flies for the Atlantic salmon. A little later I did my first trips after the salmon in Finland and some 5 years later to Norway to fish the Atlantic run salmon. For several years now the Atlantic salmon has been my true passion and I spent most of my days at the waters after this beautiful species. As a fly tyer I like challenges. I like to tye different types of flies from large saltwater monsters to tiny flies, from modern to classic flies to learn new methods. Fly tying competitions are in my opinion great ways to learn more about fly tying as they push your skills to the limit. I have attended a good few and made well in some of them. I have managed to win two golds and silvers in the FQSA competition 2001-2003, was the overall winner of the Irish Open in 2006, won the best in show price at the GFF competition in 2001 and the FFFT magazines masters fly tying league in 03-04 as well as two national Finnish championships in 2009. The national championship is a live against time sort of competition and a real challenge for a fly tyer.

My true passion as a fly tyer are the classic salmon flies. I have been tying them for my pleasure around 20 years now. I enjoy freestyle tying especially to challenge ones skills to create complicated and difficult structures in flies. However even more than that I enjoy trying to tye flies the way they were tyed during the 19th century. I also try to fish classic flies besides modern flies to understand how they should be tyed to function the best. For a few years I’ve been into tying flies in hand without a vice. I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time.

Paul Stimpson

Paul Stimpson is a commercial tier from Ogden, Utah. He ties for Arrick’s Fly shop in West Yellowstone, Montana. Being part of the West Yellowstone fly-fishing industry through the season gives Paul current and solid information on fly patterns suitable for area waters. Paul worked with Gary LaFontaine and learned to tie his patterns. He is an authority on these and has completed several videos on tying these flies.

Linda Bachard

My journey into the wild and wonderful world of fly tying began. I jumped right into tying salmon flies, choosing patterns that taught me new techniques and challenged my skills, all so I too, could begin to tie those beautiful and complicated flies. I joined NWASFG here in the Seattle area and it became one of the highlights of each month. I've always been a creative person - I am a graphic designer and enjoy working with colors, textures, detail and the selection of materials. I sketch out every fly in detail and to the size of the hook I will be using - it helps me pay attention to proportion and how each piece will be shaped or curved. As I began to settle into tying, it is the Atlantic Salmon Fly that intrigues me and holds my fascination. I tie many Classics and appreciate their beauty, balance and proportion, but also enjoy spreading my wings into the Creative Salmon Fly arena where I can experiment with some of the more exotic feathers. My club members presented me with the 2015 "Most Improved Fly Dresser Award", a beautiful framed plate of Blacker Ghost Fly #2's, tied by club members. It was an honor and wonderful highlight of my first year of tying. I envision myself savoring my fly tying, the ongoing treasure hunt for materials and the great friendships that go along with it for many years to come. I can't wait for the club to start up again in the fall, for all the flies yet to be tied and for all the events and shows yet to unfold.

Jim Ferguson

My love affair with fly tying has its roots in my youth. I was introduced to fly fishing when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My grandfather gave me a bamboo fly rod during the summer of my 14 year. A friend gave me a Thompson vise and after many observations of Audrey Joy tying in the sporting goods section of Meier and Frank Department store in Portland, OR, I started to tie my own flies. For the next 60+ years, I never had a time that I could say, “I don’t have anything to do.”

For the first 30 - 40 years, I was a self-taught fly tier. Over the years I would collect as much fly tying materials as I could store. My early years of fly tying was centered around learning as many patterns as I could, acquiring as much material as possible to expand the pattern possibilities, testing the patterns as often as possible, and always listening to other tiers and fishers to glean as much as possible from their experience.

When you are a fly fisher it is always a treat to live near a great fly fishing river. For four years I lived in Maupin, Oregon on the banks of the Deschutes River which is famous for its salmon fly hatches. Between the trout and steelhead it was a year long fishery.

Over the years I started taking formal classes. Eventually I got introduced to tying Classic Atlantic Salmon patterns. Now, I teach tying classes which include trout to Atlantic Salmon patterns.

I am an active member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Guild. In 2012 I was awarded the Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award by the International Federation of Fly Fishers. In 2006 I was awarded the Oregon Council’s Fly Tyer of the Year Stan Walters Memorial Award. In my work with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Fly Tying Group Board of Governors, I developed an online fly tying instructors resource http://www.ftgflytyinginstructorresource.org

When FFF sponsored a Federation of Fly Fishers 2006 International Fly Tying Competition. I entered several categories and the results are as follows:

Oregon Council Level —First Place: —–(1) Steelhead – West Coast Hair wing —–(2) Steelhead – West Coast Surface Waking —–(3)

Salmon – Hair wing —Second Place: —–(1) Trout Streamer —–(2) Steelhead – West Coast Streamer —–(3) Steelhead – Great lakes Spey —–(4) Salmon Spey —–(5) Steelhead – West Coast Shrimp —–(6)

Realistic World Championship Level —First Place: —–(1) People’s Choice – Salmon Free Style —–(2) Salmon – Hair wing —–(3) Steelhead – West Coast Hair Wing —Second Place: —–(1) Steelhead – West Coast Surface Waking —Third Place: —–(1) Salmon – Classic Feather Wing —–(2) Steelhead – West Coast Streamer —–(3) Trout Streamer “

Fly Tyer” Magazine sponsored a contest several years back involving a Hair Wing Blue Doctor. There were approximately 400 entrants and I received an honorable mention by placing 13th in the top 25.

When writing his book "Classic Salmon Fly Patterns", Mike Radencich asked me to be one of the contributors. I provided 10 Patterns tied from recipies he provided, and 1 personal original pattern included in the book.

Jay Woodbury

As an avid fly tyer I attend numerous fly tying events across the Pacific Northwest. I have presented live demonstrations at major shows including the IFFF Conclave and the Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Show.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. As Deputy Area Coordinator for Project Healing Waters, I hold and organize two fly tying workshops each month and one fishing outint per month for disabled veterans, as a way to heal both mental and physical disabilities.

I am a member and president of the Salmon Creek Flyfishers and Washington State IFFF Director at large.

Sean Dahlquist

The contribution that classic salmon flies have made to the steelhead patterns of the Pacific Northwest has fascinated me. Whether it's a steelhead fly, a fully dressed classics, or a favorite spey or dee pattern, they are all beautiful and rewarding to tie. My best friend Nick Riggs was largely responsible for my interest in fly tying, and together we became members of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild. It is a fantastic group, and I have had the opportunity to learn from some truly remarkable tiers over the years. Tying at the first ASFI was one of the highlights of my life, and I can hardly wait for this year's!

Misako Ishimura

In 1990, on small stream in Vermont, Misako caught so beautiful native brook trout with her fly rod that she fell in love with fly fishing. Since that time she has devoted the majority of her time and talents to the study and promotion of this pursuit. A keen listener, an astute observer of the natural world and a firm believer in the spiritual benefits that derive from interaction with other creatures, Misako is most at home on the river with her fishing rod: she is a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited and International Women Fly Fishers; since 1997 she had been the Captain of the Japanese National Fly Fishing Team, which has participated, under her leadership, in the annual Federation International de Peche Sportive (FIPS) – Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium.

Misako is active in numerous organizations devoted to the protection of the environment and heightening awareness of the concerns of the conservation communi

Rockwell Hammond

Rocky has won several international tying contests by applying his creative and artistic skills in the construction of both classic and free-style Atlantic salmon patterns. Constructing the classics fuels his passion to design elegant and fishable steelhead patterns.

Dean Childs

I started fly fishing at age 14, (for carp in the Skunk river at Ames Iowa). I have been tying flies for 56 years and have been active in the FFF since the 1980’s. I am the president of Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers and a member of three other fly clubs. I’m very active in support of Project Healing Waters and serve as a board member of Washington State FFF. Also I am continuing my involvement with Wasatch as a member of their pro staff and a technical advisor.

In 1995, I started Wasatch Custom Angling Products. Wasatch designs, develops, and produces, a line of very high end fly tying tools. The company was very successful and when I sold it and retired in 2009 we were producing and shipping 10,000 tools a year to a world wide market.

Judy Graham

Judy started fly fishing over 20 years ago, and when she’s not fishing for searun cutthroats in South Puget Sound, or fishing the Yakima River she’s teaching the sport. In 2006 she became an FFF Certified Casting Instructor and has since taught at fly fishing and fly casting schools, classes or given casting demonstrations at FFF fairs in both Washington, and Oregon. She organizes and teaches annual women’s fly fishing schools for both the LPGA, and as a fundraiser for Washington’s Casting for Recovery. Judy has volunteered for Casting for Recovery for the past 8 years, and three years ago became Washington’s CFR Program Coordinator. Judy is also an avid fly tyer and past president of Northwest Women Fly Fishers. Her primary emphasis is teaching and promoting fly fishing for women.

Dan kellogg

My passion for fly fishing is related to most of my other hobbies, boating, hiking, birding, and most important, fly tying. Once the kids left the nest I was determined to keep that promise to myself about learning to tie, not to save money on flies but just to create an imitation that could fool and catch fish. The creativity has turned into the artistic phase. The bug caught me, all you tiers know what I mean. The book shelves are packed with old and new, feathers and fur overflowing into the garage. Heck, the accumulation of materials could be considered a hobby by itself. I am a member of the IFFF and their Tyers Group. I look forward to tying each year at the Oregon Council Expo and several other Northwest tying and fishing shows. Locally, I am a member of the Rogue Fly Fishers, teach their annual tying classes, write a tying column in the monthly newsletter, and demo before each monthly meeting. A local high school has a fly fishing class which gives me the opportunity to volunteer to teach and encourage young teens to get started. I also head up an unofficial tying club called Southern Oregon Fly Tiers, SOFT for short. Once a month we invite a guest tier to demo a timely pattern in a “tie along” format. We never stop learning and always have a great time. Once a week I meet with a group of my closest tying friends, The Seniors Tying Guild, to share the art with those who understand most. I have two grown children, two grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, and a tying area all to myself. Life would be perfect if someone would just explain to me why I never have enough material.

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