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Gary LaFontaine was a giant of the fly fishing world. Sadly, he passed away of Lou Gehrig’s disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis aka ALS), in 2002 at the very young age of fifty-six. He left a rich trove of trout lore, adept observations on the cold water condition and a great influence on the trout fishing world. Perhaps his best known work is “Caddisflies” a 1981 opus that forever changed the way trout anglers think about aquatic insects. His name appears on more than three dozen other books and a nearly countless array of well-written and important articles.

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Many of the flies in this posthumous collection of trout-fly patterns are likely to become enduring standards. Authors Al and Gretchen Beatty were working with LaFontaine and tiers Paul and Char Stimpson on an instructional film in the months before the fly tier died. These are the flies that LaFontaine spoke of during filming.

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